A star-studded cast

If Three Times the Lady was a film, it would be described as having a star-studded cast, set in spectacular locations. From the early scenes in the Frankish splendour of Verberie, before moving on to the Wessex capital – Winchester, this book takes in some of the greatest power centres of the Dark Ages.


The supporting cast includes the great ecclesiastical figures of the age: Pope Nicholas I, Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims and Saint Swithun – yes, the man who ruins the British summer every year!  Although to Judith and her Wessex family he was not yet a saint but a friend, teacher, advisor and Bishop of Winchester.


But centre stage are the regal figures, including Charles the Bald, Louis the Stammerer and a host of Wessex kings. And in his first major role a young Prince Alfred of Wessex. (There’s a GREAT future for this young man!)

Alfred the Great

Among these super-stars of the Dark Ages, is the elusive figure of the heroine of the story. Somehow in this male-dominated world, she not only keeps herself firmly at the heart of the action, but also introduces a new figure onto the tumultuous stage of Dark Age politics. She truly is the star of the show. Lay out the red carpet for this remarkable Wessex queen – Judith of West Francia – Three Times the Lady!


Three Times the Lady is available on Amazon



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