The Girl from Brittia blurb

Meet Procopius’s Island Girl, Britain’s greatest unsung heroine!

 From the mysteries of the sixth century, discover a story that has it all – a brave and beautiful princess, several handsome princes, the wickedest of wicked step-mothers, an ambitious king, superstition, curses and environmental catastrophe!

The Girl from Brittia – As a high ranking Wolf Child of Wotan, Edlin sets high standards in her expectations of a husband. Her dismissal of all possible suitors has her family in despair.

A Varni Prince – Radigis and his family live in fear of their powerful Frank neighbours over the River Rhine. He is desperate to make an alliance that will keep his people safe.

When Edlin and Radigis meet on the shores of Suffolk, it is love at first sight and their future seems bright. But as Radigis returns home to prepare for his bride’s arrival, he finds sinister events are afoot. The might of the Frank King Theudebert and his beautiful sister Theodechilde forces him into a heart-breaking decision.

Back in Brittia, Edlin must survive disgrace and danger greater than she has ever known. And as disaster spreads across both lands, she reaches a fateful decision of her own. With the support of her devoted brother Wehha, she raises an army to help her fight for the happiness she deserves.



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