24.06.16 – 01.07.16 a week in history where almost no one was happy!

The week of 24th June – 1st July (Brexit: week one) should probably go down in history as the week when there were more fed up people in Britain than any other. This is not to say that it was our worst week. It’s not to be compared with the plague epidemics or the bombings of the second world war, but for just being generally fed up with our country this week must be a winner.

The first group to be hit by this was, of course, those that voted Remain in the EU referendum. They woke up on the 24th June to the worst news. Feelings of shock, horror, fear and grief hit them  as people worried about their jobs, the economy, the state of the country or  just mourned the loss of their European identity.

You’d think that those in the Vote Leave camp would be delighted and they probably were. But barely had they unfurled their Union Jacks, when Nigel Farage calmly admitted that there would not, after all, be £350 million extra a week for the NHS. This was the first hint that perhaps they’d been conned. As further promises (or possibilities as they were now called) were broken, the pound dropped and every racist in the country puffed out their chest, these victorious Leave supporters were forced to defend themselves from accusations that they were either gullible or racist. As it became obvious there was no Brexit plan, Vote Leave supporters became increasingly fed up. And if there was anyone left who still thought they’d put the great back into Great Britain, they realised their mistake when Nigel Farrage made an utter tit of himself (sorry to use that word, but it’s the only one that fits) at the European Parliament. The nation collectively put their heads in their hands and wondered why we could not have dignified politicians like the Lithuanian commissioner we saw behind him who also had his head in his hands.

The man who started a petition to overturn the referendum in the event of a close vote was really not happy as signatures quickly went into the millions. He’d only started it to overturn a Remain victory.

David Cameron was obviously not happy and promptly resigned, knowing that all the other terrible things he had done to the country would now be forgotten and he would just be remembered as the prime minister who gambled with the country’s future and lost. Boris Johnson, leader of Vote Leave, should have been happy but he wasn’t. He convinced the country to leave the EU, but he never convinced himself. Suddenly out of his depth and with no idea how to go on, the back stabber became the back stabbee and his political ambitions collapsed around him.

You’d think the Labour party would be happy at all this Tory back stabbing and sieze the chance to be seen as a calm united party, ready to weather the Brexit storm, but they didn’t. They were too busy indulging in some backstabbing of their own.

People not interested in politics were also fed up, as people wouldn’t stop going on about politics. And then the England football team crashed out of the Euros.

So is anyone happy? Well, rent-a-mob racists are happy – they get to chant eloquent slogans like “Poles go home” and feel important for the first time in their sorry little lives. People who view politics as a spectator sport are happy. After all, if you don’t care about people’s jobs, the uncertainties that face our country and the rise of racist incidents and hate crime that are leaving many terrified, then this week has probably been pretty funny. Anyone else? Rupert Murdoch, as he tightens the puppet strings around Michael Gove, yes, he’s pretty damned happy.

So, is there any hope the nation will cheer up soon? Probably not. The Great British Summer is just starting and you know what that means – rain, rain and more rain.



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